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Central Historical Archives of Poltava (1918-1922)

Provincial Historical Archives (1922-1925)

Poltava Historical Archives (1925-1926)

Poltava Regional Historical Archives (1926-1932)

Poltava State Historical Archives (1932-1937)

State Archives of Poltava region (1941-1958, 1980)

Poltava Regional State Archives (1958-1980)

The leading role in building and creating the classic archival institution of the region played Poltava Scientific Archives Commission (PSAC), which was established under the Regulation "On the establishment of scientific archival commissions and historical archives" on April 13, 1884.

Official opening of the Commission was on 26 October (8 November), 1903 in Poltava. The high level of organizational issues in the creation of scientific and archival institution is demonstrated by a conspicuous fact: the chairman and trustee of the PSAC was appointed Poltava Governor Prince M. Urusov, and Secretary-Governor – was appointed a known historian I. Pavlovskyi.

PSAC started its activities in order to organize archives in the province, identify, organize and preserve valuable archival material. The main areas of activity were the conservation and study of the memorial material of the past, popularization of historical knowledge. The archaeological and journalistic heritage of Poltava Scientific Archives Commission is very significant. The commission’s press organ "Labor Poltava Scientific Archive Commission" (15 volumes for the 1905-1917) contains a number of documentaries, research, in-depth scientific research; in separate editions were published "Registers of Poltava City Government of the Seventeenth Century", "Materials for People’s Literature of Poltava Province. Romny country, " etc.

Despite the fact that Poltava Scientific Archives Commission worked in conditions of Russian autocracy almost all areas of its activities contributed to the development of Ukrainian history and Ukrainian studies. State Archives of Poltava Region is the largest treasury of documents on the history of Poltava, which houses more than 6910 funds,  1 310 000 cases. The oldest document dates of 1693. There are three unique documents (universals of Ukrainian hetmans Ivan Mazepa, Kyrylo Razumovskyi and Skoropadskyi). In addition to the card documents, in the Archives there are preserved films, photos, phono-, video documents.

All the documents are stored in 12 depositories, the total area of ​​which is 1941.4 square meters; the length of the racking shelves is 12082.5 lin. m. The documents that are stored secretly account for only 0.007%. According to conservative estimates the cash value of the documents is about 20 mln. UAH.

Every year the State Archives issues more than 1000 topical, biographical, genealogical certificates and information of social and legal nature. Two reading rooms are open in the Archives to meet the needs in the retrospective data. There users are able to use 14 thematic indexes, as well as systematic, geographic and name directories. The scientific reference fund contains more than 13 000 books and brochures dated from 1846 to 2013. The basis of scientific reference fund of the Archives consists of  literature on the history of Poltava, Reports of Poltava governors, reviews of agriculture, commemorative books, reports of provincial and country authorities, works of Poltava Scientific Archives Commission, materials of the household and economic enumerations in the districts of the province. In scientific reference fund contains publications in archival affairs, library science, world history, sociology, philosophy, law, etc. Periodicals are presented by the central and local newspapers. Alphabetic and thematic directories make the reference tools of the scientific reference fund.

Second World War caused the State Archives of Poltava region irreparable loss. They managed to evacuate about 70 thousand cases in September, 1941. The bulk of the documents (1 572 795 units) were lost.

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