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До уваги громадян, які бажають отримати архівні послуги!

Інформація щодо оформлення запитів та роботи читальних залів розміщена у рубриці"ЗВЕРНЕННЯ ГРОМАДЯН".


18/24 Pushkin Street,
Poltava, 36011 (Office 1)
1A Zygin Street,
Poltava, 36000 (Office 2)
Telephone: (0532) 60-90-95, 56-30-35, 60-93-80.


web-page at the State Archives Committee portal:
web-page at the Poltava Regional State Administration web-site:

Office 1 – trolley-bus № 1, 2, 4, 6 (Tsentr bus stop)
Office 2 – trolley-bus № 1, 4 (Sinna bus stop)

Working hours of the reading hall:
Mon. – Fr.: 8.00 – 17.00


To work for the sake of preservation of the people’s property


There function the following departments in the State Archives:

- Department of Archives Coordination in the region, organizational and                analytical activities and human resources;

- Department of documents storage and inventory;

- Department of National Archives Fund (NAF) formation and record keeping;

- Department of Information and documents using;
         -Documents preservation laboratory;
         - Department of accounting and economic support.

The State Archive is the biggest treasure- house for the documents in the history of Poltava.



6910funds, 1 310 000units for the years 1693–20012;

817 units of scientific and technical documents for the years 1946–1990;

10 units of film documents for the years 1964–1973;

26 962 units of photo documents for the years 1888–2010;

581 units of phonographic documents for the years 1960–2010;

104 units of video documents for the years 2005–2011.

To satisfy the needs about the backward information of the State power bodies, institutions, organizations, enterprises, investigators of the previous land, two reading rooms are available in the archive. For the visitors use there are 15indexes, and systematic, geographical, nominal catalogues.

During the postwar period 25scientific publications were issued on the initiative of the State Archive of Poltava Region.

Scientific- enquiry library has 13 178books and brochures dating 1846- 2012. Literature on Poltava land history, reports of Poltava governors, surveys of the agriculture, memorandum books, reports of provincial ruling bodies, the works of Poltava scientific archive committee, materials of census of households in provinces. There are publications kept on archive and library works, world- wide history, sociology, philosophy, law etc. periodicals presented by the central and local newspapers. Informational systems of the library are indexes and thematic catalogues.



 (Office 1) 18/24 Pushkina Street, Poltava, Ukraine 36011;

(Office 2) 1A Zygina Street, Poltava, Ukraine


Transportation: from Pivdenny Station- trolleybuses №1,4 (Bus Stop"Center")

from Bus Station- bus "Kiltsevy" (Bus Stop "Center")


Working hours: Mon., Wed., Fr.: 8:00- 17:15

                     Tue. - Th.: 11:00- 18:00



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